About Pink Planet Games Exchange


Founded in 1991 from a market stall in St. Nicholas Market in Bristol, we have provided great customer service and low priced, top quality products for over 20 years. We have remained persistant to provide that same service, as well as to offer you the best prices on buying, selling and exchanging in town.

What we do and what we buy, sell and exchange

Way back when, Pink Planet used to deal with Games, Consoles, DVDs and Blu-Ray. Now, from 2011, we've expanded our market! We buy and sell mostly everything for cash or exchange, including, but not limited to:
Games, Consoles and Accessories
DVDs, and Blu-Rays
Smartphones and Tablets
Flatscreen TVs and Monitors
MP3 Players and iPods
DVD and Blu-Ray Players
iPod + MP3 Docking Stations
Musical Instruments
And of course, many other things.

We also sell a huge variety of other items:
T-Shirts and Headwear
TY Beanie Toys
Wallets & Belts
Pokemon, Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards
Movie & Game Memorabilia
Various Gifts and Gadgets
And other amazing items!

If you're ever thinking about selling anything to us, but aren't completely sure if we'll accept it, give one of our stores a call! We'll gladly give you more information about what we will buy or exchange in our store.

Need to know more?

Feel free to pop into any of our stores or give them a ring if you're ever looking for anything entertainment related. Our friendly staff will provide you with the service you need to help you get what you're looking for!
Our stores are all in contact with each other, so if your local store doesn't have it, maybe another one of our stores will! We will hunt the item down for you!

Be sure to check back to our website regularly, as we update frequently and let you know of the get deals and offers in stores and online. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the same updates!
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